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Chinese Herbal Sales

Chinese herbal sales are important because herbal therapy is used to treat the symptoms of illness and disease, and promote overall wellness. So Bing’s Natural Health stock a large range of quality prepared Chinese herbal medicines to balance your health.

Prescription Chinese Herbs
Chinese Herbal SalesThese include Chinese herbal formulas in the “ChinaMed” capsule range and the “Black Pearl” pill range, which are all produced in Australian GMP certified facilities. The active ingredients are 100% herbal with no animal products. These formulations can only be sold to you after a consultation with your practitioner to ensure that you receive the proper herbs, with the correct personal advice and care. Please tell your practitioner if you are taking any pharmaceutical medications as certain herbal formulas may not be suitable for you at this time. We do not stock raw herbs.

Over The Counter Sales
Although most of our Chinese herbal medicines are only available on a prescription only basis after a consultation, the clinic also has some more general products which can be purchased over the counter at the reception area. These Chinese herbal sales include:-

Gan Mao Cha Beverage
Anti-bacterial tea for the symptoms of colds.

Fulang Banlangen Tea
Anti-viral tea for initial symptoms of a cold and helpful for easing sore throats.

Radix Isatidis Beverage
Anti-viral and cooling tea. Good for initial symptoms of a viral cold. Useful for easing sore throats and may reduce fevers.

3 Ballerina Tea
A purgative tea to help keep your bowel movements regular.

Gan Mao Ling
For treatment of symptoms of colds and flu’s. May reduce severity of symptoms.

Golden Throat Lozenges
A menthol flavoured lozenge perfect for sore or dry throats, blocked sinus, laryngitis and hoarse voice.  Ingredients: honeysuckle, momordica fruit, Chinese white olive, orange peel, mint, eucalyptus oil and anise oil.

Sooth and Comfort Lozenges
A herbal flavoured lozenge ideal to soothe an irritated throat, chronic cough and freshen the breath. Ingredients: momordica fruit, Chinese white olive, astralagus, Japanese apricot, licorice and mint.

Watermelon Frost Lozenges
For relief of symptoms of sore throats, mouth ulcers and tonsillitis. These lozenges are particularly effective for symptoms of mouth ulcers.

Pel Pa Koa Cough Syrup
To soothe sore throats and ease coughing. Great for children over 12 months.

Salonpas Herbal Patches
These are applied externally for the relief of symptoms of aches and pains associated with muscle fatigue, muscle pain, stiff shoulder, simple backache, bruises, sprains and strains

Please note that the clinic does not sell raw herbs simply because the correct preparation can be quite a long and complicated decoction. The exceptions are the mixes of ingredients for the  “Bing’s Thing’s”  range of teas and soups which you can take home and prepare yourself.