About us

Bing Qian, a registered practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, founded Bing’s Natural Health in Albert Park in 1997 in response to the growing interest among non-Chinese Australians in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its holistic view of health.  In 2006 she moved to a more spacious premises in Middle Park, and then to a bigger clinic in South Melbourne in 2012 to provide greater privacy and comfort for patients, as well as facilities for a larger team of  practitioners.


Our Vision

To share our knowledge and skills with our clients so they have more choices over their health and wellbeing

 Consistency and Availability of Quality Health Care

24From the outset Bing’s Natural Health has been about the people we serve and not about each individual practitioner.  That’s why, at Bing’s Natural Health, we work as a team.  Every practitioner is thoroughly trained in the core philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in addition to their particular specialties such as Acupuncture, Fertility, Chinese Herbs, Chinese Massage etc. This team approach means three things for our patients:-

1.  That you are at the centre of your health care and we act as the experts who advise you; and

2.  That there is always a practitioner available for you to see, so it easier to get an appointment

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine involves combining treatments and herbs to treat each individual’s particular needs.  We provide a broad range of expert knowledge and advice. Our patients are not passive objects of care – they are active co-workers with us.  We are especially good at working with people who want to participate in their wellness. Although every member of  our team is knowledgeable in several areas, your particular needs will determine the best combination of treatments and the practitioners you see.


Who Are Your Practitioners And How Do You Choose Them?

All Chinese Medicine practitioners must be registered with the Australian Board of Chinese Medicine. At Bing’s Natural Health we ensure that every member of our team  is not only qualified, but shares our philosophy and has a lot of experience treating patients.  We select them on the basis of both their history and their commitment to patient well-being.  All members of our team are committed to improving your health, not just treating your symptoms. In addition to their core training our practitioners are involved in Continuing Education Programs in their chosen specialty as well as monthly in-clinic training programs to keep their skills sharp and add to their understanding of your health.

Why Does This Matter?

Our goal is your health and wellness, so we choose practitioners who will give every patient the time and attention your health deserves, and who won’t overlook any apparently insignificant detail.  Continued professional development through learning and sharing is part of that process. We know that you are seeking advice and all of our team members are committed to uncovering the hidden causes of your discomfort and opening the path to greater health and energy for you.

How Does This Fit With Western Medicine?

We work closely with GPs and specialists and many of our patients combine Traditional Chinese Treatments and Western Treatments with the full knowledge of their doctors – we even number GPs and specialists among our patients! Western medicine relies heavily on symptoms, tests, and tends to treat any manifestation of dis-ease as a separate problem.  As Medicare puts increasing pressure on doctors to see more patients and spend less time with each one this tendency is becoming more pronounced and the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine with its emphasis on viewing each person in their entirety are even greater.

 Medicare and private Health Insurance

Medicare does not cover your treatment at our clinic.  If your private health cover includes extras then you will be able to claim for your treatment.  In any event,  as many of our patients have experienced, the benefits of health are priceless.

 Core Practice Values at Bing’s Natural Health:

  • We respect your privacy at all times;
  • We provide time-proven, non-invasive, holistic remedies in a safe and professional environment;
  • We promote a preventative approach to health;
  • We assist you to create an effective and individualised health plan;.
  • We are happy to look after your health for you while you can’t and hand it back to you when you think you are ready;
  • We are committed to ongoing learning and update our skills and knowledge continuously so that we can serve you better;
  • We apply this knowledge to our own health.

We look forward to seeing you at our Clinic in South Melbourne.  Please contact us to arrange an appointment.