Pregnancy Birth and Beyond

The Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond website is an up to date and extensive source of information on pregnancy, birth and parenting. You’ll be able to find lots of information on midwifery care, pre-conception care, pregnancy, birth, water birth, homebirth, vaginal birth after caesarean, postnatal care and breastfeeding. Providing a rich resource for families, midwives and […]

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facial acupuncture

Facial Acupuncture

Many people think of acupuncture in terms of  improving health – and they are quite right. Everything that we do to help our body’s energy to flow freely contributes to our health, as well as to our beauty. When we use natural cosmetic acupuncture (also known as facial rejuvenation or facial acupuncture) to treat the […]

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Take Time to Listen

Take Time to Listen to Your Body

 – Bing Qian   It has been a busy couple of months for me! Like many of you, I’m busy balancing many areas of life: – relationships with family and friends, running a business, taking care of ageing parents, house hold duties and more. What tends to get squeezed out is time for relaxed conversation, […]

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When Practitioners Get Sick

Staff Spotlight – Vimala Kumar You probably know that there were (and still are) a lot of nasty bugs circulating around this winter and I caught one of them and suffered for 2 weeks. As a practitioner, I hate taking time off when I’m sick because it is very inconvenient for my clients. At the […]

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