Teishin and Children: A safe and effective therapy

 – Vimala Kumar Have you kept your child away from Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) because they are afraid of needles? At Bing’s Natural Health we also practice a Japanese influenced style of acupuncture which does not involve the use of needles. Instead we use a teishin gently stimulate the pressure points without breaking the skin. Your […]

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herbal teas

Herbal Teas – Autumn Reflections

 – Bing Qian   At Easter I took a week off to visit Wayne’s father on the farm in South Australia. I love being in the pretty Adelaide Hills and working with the cattle and other animals. Unfortunately, I always suffer from hay fever (literally!) because part of the experience is feeding bales of hay […]

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Staff Spotlight – Meet Veronica

Receptionist and Naturopath-In-Training Hi, my name is Veronica and I’ve recently moved from Sydney to Melbourne to continue my studies in naturopathy in a new city. One of the amazing things about modern life is how easy it is to transfer from one campus to another without losing any academic credits! I grew up in […]

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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Why Use Chinese Herbal Medicine?

 – Alice Louey Chinese herbs are very different to vitamin supplementation! From ancient times, in both the East and the West, herbs were recognised as powerful sources of healing and wise medical practitioners sought to understand their dangers, benefits, and uses. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses herbs to treat specific symptoms and conditions as well […]

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