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Yogi TeasBings’ Natural Health is proud to stock a selection of Yogi Teas’ delicious caffeine-free herbal tea bags which promote individual well-being. Yogi teas are a quality product based on the Indian philosophy of Ayurveda which dates back some 3,000 years.

The teas use selected certified organic herbs and spices which are essential for the purity and unique flavours, to give an incomparable aroma. Organic farming methods help to preserve the earth because it is a natural and sustainable approach to farming.

There is a range of different teas which may be used to boost immunity, assist sleep, comfort sore throats, relieve stress, and provide other support. The teas are mildly therapeutic and can safely be enjoyed whenever you choose, just because they are delicious.

As well as being good for you, each Yogi tea has a beautiful inspirational saying…