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Why Us ?


  • Why UsOur clinic is genuine and authentic. It was first established by Bing Qian to bring the true essence of TCM from her training and practice in China, and continues to do this.
  • Ours is a stand-alone Chinese medicine practice devoted only to Traditional Chinese Medicine. We believe that to reach the true core and depth and benefits of TCM, a practice needs to be focused and devoted solely to all facets of this extensive modality, and only to this modality.
  • We practice a Team-Based client care system with regular case studies, team meetings and cross referring where required or beneficial.
  • All of our BnH practitioners have at least 10 years practice experience and specialise in varied areas of TCM. And our clinic has a strong in-clinic training and assessment system to bring the out the best from our practitioners so that you receive the best possible treatment and care.
  • We offer a complete range of TCM services including; acupuncture, dry needling, laser acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping therapies, heat lamp, Chinese herbalism, tuina, therapeutic massage and more…
  • Our Combination Treatments are particularly effective where we may combine different treatments into a single consultation.
  • And of course, we bring the most comprehensive and up-to-date healthcare system to you.

Our Vision:

To share our knowledge and skills with our clients so you have more choices over your health and wellbeing

Our Core Values:

  • Why UsWe respect your privacy at all times.
  • We provide time-proven, non-invasive, holistic remedies in a safe and professional environment.
  • We value respect, trust and equality.
  • We promote a preventative approach to health; we assist you to create an effective and individualised health plan in the simplest way.
  • We are happy to look after your health for you while you are learning and hand it back to you when you think you are ready.
  • We understand that to look after your health we must commit to our own learning and update our skills and knowledge continuously.
  • We learn and practice what we preach.


Below is just some of the feedback from our clients, that finds its way into the clinic feedback box.

Nadia 4.6/5  I feel great & relaxed, less pain
Nadia 5/5  I felt the energy moving! I feel much better. Ronica
Bing 5/5 Very relaxing. Lisa
Nadia 5/5  Jade Li
Bing 5/5 Dewi
Vimala 5/5 Dewi
Bing 5/5
Vimala 5/5 Thanks. Gentle, kind, accurate and effective. Great work. Anny
Vimala 5/5 Andrew
Nadia 4.6/5
Vimala 5/5 Really relaxing! The oil and heat helped the muscles release the tension   Hannah L
Vimala 5/5 Louis
Vimala 5/5 Very happy overall & positive about the treatments and herbs to follow. Thank you!
Vimala 5/5 Tatyana
Bing 5/5 With the greatest of thanks for your caring, patience and ‘magic’ healing. Rachel
Nadia 5/5 Bloody awesome. Feel amazing & fixed!  Robyn 
Nadia 5/5 That was the best session- pins, cupping, heat & scary lumps lol! Don’t want to go but I was kicked out.
Alice 5/5 I’m walking out of here a new person. Why didn’t I do this years ago? Alice was wonderful and a true professional. Thank you! Edina
Nadia 8/5 Angela
Vimala 5/5 Thank you. Awesome and just beautiful. As always made my day!! Robyn
Bing 5/5 Very easy, relaxed and sympathetic
Nadia 5/5 I am getting longer relief out of my sessions
Vimala 5/5 Teagan
Nadia 5/5 Always a pleasure to come here for my treatment. Thank you. Stephen
Vimala 5/5 Mary
Bing 5/5 Bing is an angel on this earth. Jenny
Alice 5/5 Thank you. Lois
Nadia 5/5 Nadia is the best. Healed my problems already. Nice Nice Nice Job. Michelle
Alice 5/5 Delight. Enjoy the laughter. Sandy
Nadia 5/5 Ali
Nadia 5/5 Nadia is a wonder. Thanks for all of the patient care and completely looking after my myriad of needs
Bing/Helen 5/5 Thank you to both Bing and Helen who always take such good care of me. See you in January! Lorel
Nadia – Sawsome Soresome 5/5 Facemask has done instant wrinkle disappearing act. Thanks Nads. Carla
Nadia 5/5 Terrific! Thank You! Karen
Nadia 5/5 Nina
Alice 5/5 Fantastic. Thank you! Nina
Alice 5/5 Alice has healing hands. She is sublime. Val
Nadia 4.8/5 Great Job.  Agnes
Alice 5/5 V. Good, Maureen
Helen 5/5 Di
Nadia 5/5 Thank you.
Nadia 5/5 I always feel loved and cared for and Nadia is always asking the right questions to assist me and my body back to health. She is awesome
Nadia 5/5 It’s great to have a friendly and relaxed therapist particularly when you are going through a difficult situation, a therapist that can show true empathy and not rush you in and out of the room. Lisa
Nadia 5/5 A true gem – Always responsive and positive.
Helen 5/5 Thank you for getting me through my 3 weeks of walking. Lorel
Nadia 4.8/5 Very happy with the explanations. Felt my needs were met and I was heard and still have a bit of a laugh. J
Nadia 5/5 Always a joy to be in this energy. Thank you. Mikah
Bing 5/5 A little piece of paradise – I love coming here and feel I’m in excellent hands – Thank you.
Bing 5/5 Brilliant – Thank you. Julie
Alice 5/5 Fabulous. Anne
Nadia 5/5 Nadia was most knowledgeable, helpful and professional. She helped put some yin into my yang. Jon
Nadia 5/5 Very knowledgeable & great beside manner. I would & have recommended her to others. Yvonne
Nadia 5/5 Ian
Alice 4/5
Alice 5/5 Thanks
Nadia 5/5 Love Nadia! She’s great
Alice 5/5 I ♥ Alice. She is so kind.
Nadia 4.8/5 Thanks
Nadia 5/5
Alice 5/5
Sulgi 5/5 Just amazing. Keep up the good vibes. Stephanie.
4/5 Why I haven’t done this earlier I cannot guess. Thankyou.
Helen 5/5 Brilliant, just fabulous. John
Alice 5/5 She fixes me every time, gentle methodical yet lovely. Martha
Alice 5/5 Brill!!
Bings, what would I do without you? 10/5! Thanks for helping me with my pleurisy! Dana.
Sulgi 5/5 Fantastic session Dimity
Alice 5/5 Fantastic. John.
Alice 5/5 Adam Z.
Bing 5/5 Extremely impressed with Bing’s lovely warm caring, nurturing nature. Her understanding of stress and pain and her ability to provide instant ease and comfort in a new holistic approach. Jodie O.
Helen 5/5 Had a really good massage. Helen got stuck into the hurty bits! Pain, but good pain. Anita.
Helen 5/5 Susan S.
Bing 5/5 Extremely impressed with Bing’s lovely warm caring and nurturing nature. Her understanding of stress and pain, and her ability to provide instant ease and comfort in a “new” holistic approach. Thank you Bing x Jodie
Sulgi 5/5 Professional expert, explained all acupuncture aspects covered. Lyn
Alice 5/5 David
Sulgi 5/5. Thank you. Wendy
Bing 5/5 Laurence
Nadia 5/5 I felt that Nadia really got into my “sore bits.”Felt a lot looser after massage and would recommend Nadia to others.Anita B
Sulgi 5/5 Thank you for taking good care of me. I needed this and need ♥ Anushka
Nadia 5/5 Awesome
Nadia 5/5 Nadia was very understanding of my fear of needles and she did a great job. I’m a convert.
Bing 5/5 Above and beyond any medical experience I have ever received. Julian
Helen 5/5 Helen was incredible. Surpassed my expectations. Christine Evans
Nadia 5/5 Excellent and great suggestions regarding living more healthily. Jon Willis
Alice 5/5 Carmel
Helen 6/5 Nothing to improve. Everything entirely satisfactory. Excellence in all areas. Greer Harris
Alice 5/5 Alice is a miracle worker! Carol
Alice 5/5 So great! Real sensitivity and healing!
Alice 5/5 Excellent! Shane
Alice 5/5 Very happy as always  Rachelle
Nadia 4.8/5 Will come back next month for sure. Thank you for your gentleness. Liz
Helen 5/5 Thank you Helen again. You have made me feel whole.
Nadia 5/5 Outstanding service and a very personalised treatment. I couldn’t ask for a better practitioner. I will keep coming back to Nadia. Sophie.
Nadia 5/5 Carmel
Bing 5/5 Everything was better than expected. Good to find this clinic & feel heard & oriented by people who care take time with the patients. Lovely to meet you. Mariana
Alice 5/5 I feel like a new man! Zac
Nadia 5/5 Ben
Helen 5/5 x 4, 4/5 x 1 . Alistair
Alice 5/5 Thanks Alice – You always know what I need. Jaine
Alice 5/5 Catherine