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 – Nadia Gazzi

After 4 Years… finally a Vacation!

“Why did I wait so long for this vacation?” was the question I asked myself as I prepared to come home from Queensland after my 1 week vacation feeling rested, refreshed, and energised.

Part of the answer to that was that I had underestimated the value of simply getting away from my usual surroundings. It’s not as though I work 52 weeks a year, it’s just that usually I spend my holidays at home doing home-improvement projects or just lounging around. Planning to go somewhere just seemed like too much of an effort.

In the end we went to stay with some friends(our last real holiday was when we went to Fiji 4 years ago). We spent our time visiting friends and family, fishing (we just caught toad fish, but enjoyed the fresh air and quiet), and hanging out at the Broad Beach Blues Festival (I hate blues, but my partner loves it) where I got to see The Slim Jim Phantom Trio.

I was surprised at just how great it felt to be in a different environment away from any of the distracting projects or unfinished tasks that faced me at home, and, of course, the luxuriously warm temperatures of northern Queensland were a real pleasure after our chilly Melbourne autumn and winter.

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