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What makes the difference?

Why might some people get far better treatment results than others?  The difference might lie in the way that they view their treatments

For example, one person might try to arrive at least a few minutes early for their appointment, so that they can settle their mind and relax. And also make a conscious decision to schedule their appointments so that they have time afterwards to take life quietly: sometimes just a half-hour carved out of their busy day, but enough to let the treatment settle. They mightn’t have time for this … but know they can’t afford not to make the time because of the boost it can give to their energy and productivity.

Versus another person who just sees their traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) appointment as yet another time consuming task in their already busy work schedule. They rush into their TCM appointment (often a few minutes late) with their mind still focused on work, and will often cut the treatment session short because they have to rush off to another high pressure work appointment. They just don’t give the treatments the chance to take hold, and don’t give themselves the chance to withdraw and detach from the pressures of life in the peace and quiet of the treatment room.

This is what might make a difference in their treatment results….

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