– Vimala Kumar

Have you kept your child away from Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) because they are afraid of needles?

At Bing’s Natural Health we also practice a Japanese influenced style of acupuncture which does not involve the use of needles. Instead we use a teishin gently stimulate the pressure points without breaking the skin.

Your Child’s Immune System is Much More Sensitive Than Yours

You’ve probably noticed that your child’s health is fluctuates much more dramatically than most adults do. They react more quickly to environmental hazards and allergens so they get sick faster, but then they also bounce back faster. This is because your child’s energetic system is much healthier than yours and is therefore more responsive.

From a TCM perspective, this is very good news!  It means that your child will respond much more quickly to a lesser degree of stimulus than any adult will, so teishin and laser acupuncture is incredibly effective and provides rapid results without the use of needles.

What Can TCM Alleviate?

Some of the most common uses of TCM in children include:-

  • Aiding children who have a tendency for bedwetting
  • Calming the nervous system and reducing anxiety
  • Helping children who suffer from insomnia
  • Treating auto-immune conditions such as  asthma and eczema
  • Strengthening muscle tone which helps with conditions like muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy
  • Relieving colic – a Swedish double blind study shows that acupuncture is immensely effective for this
  • Strengthening the immune system to protect them from winter colds and germs, especially for children at child care, kinder, and school

When Your Children are Sick, You Are Stressed Too

We all know how tough it is getting on with life and work when our heads and noses are stuffy, we’re coughing and sneezing or even feverish. It affects our sleep, our moods, and our energy. When our children are sick, it’s even worse because we feel responsible for their aches and pains.

TCM boosts your child’s immune system so they are more resistant to germs and less likely to get sick. If they are sick, then a treatment may quickly and safely alleviate their symptoms and speed up their recovery. With the recent warnings about the side-effects of ibuprofen and acetaminophen why wouldn’t you consider trying TCM?

Right now is a great time to bring your child in for a treatment to boost their immune system before the winter flu and colds set in. You can also ask your practitioner about how TCM can help with any of the conditions listed above.

At Bing’s Natural Health our goal is to provide safe, natural interventions that help your body function at it’s best. We believe it’s never too early to tune-up your nervous system and replenish your energy levels.


TCM for kids… absolutely!  It’s fast, safe, effective, and doesn’t use needles.

Client Story

Eight year old Chris was brought into the clinic to treat his eczema. He had many red weepy patches on his arms, legs, and back.  This made him very self-conscious, and he started avoiding extracurricular school activities and sports.  He would also scratch some itchy patches during the night, so they bled and became more inflamed. We discussed his diet and I recommended one that was specifically tailored for children who suffer from eczema which avoids refined sugar and highly processed foods.

Chris received weekly acupuncture for six weeks using a device known as a teishin which gently stimulates the pressure points without penetrating the skin. Chris also took a Chinese paediatric herbal formula specifically designed for skin conditions. His condition began to improve significantly.  He was sleeping better and itching less. The patches started drying out and were less inflamed.  After two months his eczema subsided, and Chris was overall much happier and more outgoing as a result.  The family continue to follow a diet rich in whole foods as a preventative measure and they know what to do if he has another outbreak.  

Client Story

Rose was eighteen months old when her mother brought her into the clinic.  She had a rare genetic disorder that caused very poor muscle strength and development.  She had surgery in the United States when she was 12 months old to address the underlying cause of her condition and then the family returned to Australia.  Rose had frequent physical therapy sessions to strengthen her muscles and her mother also decided that acupuncture would also be beneficial.  

Rose came weekly for three months.  During our sessions, I stimulated the pressure points with a teishin.  She  was comfortable with the treatments and often fell asleep.   The integrated therapy had very good results and Rose made great progress. By the end of our treatment she was able to grasp objects with ease and had started crawling and walking.