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Dr Bing Qian([Registered]Acupuncturist), ([Registered]Chinese Medicine Practitioner), ([Registered]Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner]
Bachelor of TCM, Shanghai, P. R. China
Bing Qian graduated in China and now has more than 30 years experience

Areas of interests for Dr Bing Qian:

  • Women’s health, Fertility issues, Menopausal conditions
  • Frozen shoulders, Tendonitis, Arthritis and Acute injuries
  • Preventative health approach
  • Transitional health issues

Day and night rotate; the four seasons visit us in turns. They affecting our health status. The nature of our body and its aging process, along with the ebb and flow of life, impact us physically & emotionally. Our well-beings are constantly under pressure. TCM focuses on those internal & external influences on your health and safeguard you to balance.

Bing Qian is a Chinese Medicine practitioner who started her career in 1980. Her general strengths include good health, strong work ethic, great sensitivity and capacity for healing. Bing has established a solid Chinese Medicine practice since 1997 based first in Albert Park, then Middle Park and now in South Melbourne.

Having practised both in China and Australia, Bing understands what her clients are looking for from a health practitioner and how much Chinese Medicine can offer them.

Bing’s Natural Health was established with the vision “To share our knowledge and skills with our clients so you have more choices over your health and wellbeing”.

Chinese Medicine has progressed rapidly in Australia during recent years. Chinese Medicine practice has been regulated in Victoria since 2002 and national registration is in place since July 2012. This means increased public expectations for Chinese Medicine practitioners in terms of how the treatment is delivered and the effectiveness of the treatment.

The clinic requires all our practitioners “To strive for excellent skills and to provide Chinese Medicine in a safe and personal environment”.

Bing is very devoted to all of these objectives. They are a personal pleasure rather than work. This is why “We love to see you well”.

Due to her commitments for coaching and mentoring, new clients may have to wait a bit longer for an appointment, and may consider seeing one of Bing’s fellow practitioners.