by Bing Qian

One of the characteristics that all of our team at Bing’s Natural Health share is a love of learning and traditional Chinese medicine.

This is the result of deliberate choice on my part … and on theirs. I strongly believe that we are always learning, and that when we stop learning, we stop being our best selves. None of us will ever know all there is to know about more than a very few things. So every month our team gets together for professional development. We discuss our insights and our learnings and the areas where we need to develop. Sometimes we will study specific cases – patients who aren’t improving as quickly as expected. And every month one of the practitioners shares with the others the fruits of their particular specialty, so we can all learn and ask questions and develop the resources we have at our disposal to serve you better. This is in addition to the formal professional training and study we undertake through courses, conferences, and seminars.