Spring is Here: Growth, Pain & Healing

Spring is Here: Growth, Pain & Healing

 – by Bing Qian  

You’ve probably noticed that Spring has well and truly arrived! As you look around there are signs of growth everywhere – blossoms, flowers, fragrance … Your body is going through a similar cycle of growth as well. After winter’s cycle of replenishing and nourishing, your body is ready for spring’s cycle of growth.

I injured my back a while ago when I over-balanced and fell very heavily off a chair, after reaching too high, too far. Well, that has turned out to be quite a positive thing for me. The new injury ‘woke up’ some old scar tissue in my back. Even with all my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it took me a few weeks to work out why I had so much pain in areas that weren’t directly related to the injury. I was really glad that I had the area X-rayed and checked out by a Western Medical doctor immediately, because then I knew that I was dealing with a purely soft-tissue injury.

After a month of  guasha,  massage,  herbs,  and  acupuncture,  I started using a vibrating machine to further loosen up the area and promote healing, but my lower back started to hurt. My first thought was that I had injured myself again (or that I was getting older faster than I expected), but then I realised that it was a positive symptom: my body was releasing old scar tissue and the healing would be deeper than I initially expected…

This is really an example of what the Bing’s Natural Health clinic is here to do: empower people to work with their body and stimulate healing.

When I started the clinic many years ago I had a vision of what I wanted to provide for our clients (many of whom are actually GPs or specialists in the various branches of Western Medicine). What was that vision? It was to help them clear out the blockages in their mind and body, provide top-quality TCM interventions, and help people take control of their own health and lifestyle – to do a thorough spring clean, rather than just brushing symptoms under the rug.

As the clinic has grown, I’ve been fortunate to attract highly competent staff who share my values and vision. All of our practitioners ask questions because they care about discovering the underlying cause of the symptoms of each client, and work with them to resolve that cause, rather than simply helping them to ‘get over’ a problem.

It’s amazing how your body can heal – and you’re never too old to start to work on that healing (as I discovered with my unexpected fall).