What happened to this post-menopausal woman with knee and lower back pain, and morning stiffness when her practitioner added moxibustion (moxa) to her treatment mix?

Eliza had assumed that her symptoms were just part of life postmenopause and she assumed that her only option was to put up with them for the rest of her life and take medication when the pain became unbearable.

Lower back pain and knee pain plus the morning stiffness told Eliza’s practitioner that her kidney energy was weak. This is a normal part of the ageing and signs include grey hair, osteoporosis and memory loss. You can’t reverse these effects, but you can slow down the process, especially if you stimulate the energy early.

Eliza’s practitioner used moxa needles in the kneecap, as well as in energy points in the lower back to add warmth and energy in these areas.

After the first treatment Eliza found it easier to walk up and down stairs without pain. When she came back for her third treatment she was ecstatic! Her pain was virtually gone, and she just felt occasional postmenopause stiffness in the morning.

Now she gets top-up sessions every 6 weeks and finds that is sufficient to keep her free from pain and stiffness – as she says, “I feel years younger!”