What Are Those Marks?

What Are Those Marks?

Cupping Benefits

Cupping benefits include relieving long-term muscle tension and releasing toxins from your body. Some people do get marks (even bruises), others don’t. The marks are often a sign that toxins have been drawn into the blood-stream where they can be dispersed.

What is Cupping? If you haven’t yet experienced cupping, you might like to talk to your practitioner about trying it. Glass cups are heated and applied to your skin where they create a vacuum that softens tight muscles and draws toxins to the surface.

What are the Benefits of using Cupping? Cupping is great for speeding the cycle of infections and viruses so that they pass quicker, and can even be used at the outset (with a dermal hammer) to relieve shingles and shorten the duration of an attack.

Regular cupping or sliding cupping (oil is rubbed into the skin so that the cup slides easily) are a fantastic preparation for acupuncture or massage. By softening the muscles and releasing the energy flow in advance, your massage or acupuncture will be even more effective.

What Does Cupping Feel Like? Many clients say that cupping feels weird the first time, but then they ask for it again. It’s an odd thing, but while many people love it, and a few just endure it, no-one hates it (yet!)

Further reading about Cupping Benefits:
Cupping therapy is also useful for neck, shoulder and back pain, arthritis, strains and sprains, musculoskeletal problems, general muscle imbalances and tightness and much more. To read more about how Cupping Therapy can help you, simply click on this Cupping Therapy link.

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