Bowel Movements – slow and fast

Bowel Movements – slow and fast

Client Story 1

We all feel better when our bowel movements are emptying normally. How does Traditional Chinese Medicine help?

Roger was working hard, eating healthy but irregular meals, and felt that his body was not eliminating waste as it should. He was aware of the build-up of toxins in his system and adding fibre and water to his diet hadn’t helped so he talked it over with his practitioner. The first session that we focused on this I used cupping on the abdomen to increase blood and qi supply to the area, acupuncture needles to stimulate normal response of the intestines and gentle massage to help  bowel movements and move waste down through the intestine.

That first treatment provided his body with the stimulus it needed to get things moving and by his next visit things were moving almost normally and he was feeling much more comfortable. After the second treatment his body was back in its usual routine – one of the benefits of treating a problem quickly before it has a chance to settle in.


Client Story 2

There’s nothing worse than coming back from holiday and then getting diarrhoea!  Shirley was fine while she was in Bali, but the minute she got back she started suffering from diarrhoea. It wasn’t bad enough to take antibiotics, but she had no energy and spent a lot of time in the bathroom. We treated her with Chinese herbs to balance her digestive system, cupping to increase the blood flow to the area and give her body a chance to heal, and acupuncture at points that would calm down her intestine and help regulate it. After one session Shirley’s stools hardened significantly, and her bowel movements improved. After the second treatment her stools were normal, energy was returning and she was sleeping soundly.

Poo, Poop, Stools and Bowel Movements

Poo, Poop, Stools and Bowel Movements


Waste-full … or Not?

We all do it, but it’s one of  those topics no one ever talks about… and when we do, we skip over it as quickly as possible. In this article, though, we’re going to take a quick look at poo – In fact, I suggest you do this quite literally, because a quick look in the toilet might tell you a lot, and no one will ever know!

What is Normal?  Normal frequency varies from person to person. For some people it’s 1-2 times per day, for others every 2 days is normal. It should be formed, medium-brown, and log-like.

Everybody Poos:  Men, women, kids, babies … It’s your body’s way of getting rid of toxic waste and if your body can’t get rid of that waste then you will experience symptoms like tummy pains and swelling. If you can’t get rid of the toxins they stay in your intestines getting more and more concentrated and your body might even start reabsorbing them, which is terrible for your health.

Solving Your Poo Problems:  If your routine changes for a while and you begin to feel uncomfortable and/or bloated, you can try to drink more water, increase your fibre intake and do more exercise. This may help to get you back into a routine. Traditional Chinese Medicine also has some very effective methods to help your body re-regulate which include  cupping,  herbs,  acupuncture,  and  massage. These treatments work to resolve both diarrhoea and constipation as well as more complex issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS).

Does What I Eat Affect My Poo?  If you have IBS or a similar condition you may find that your problems are directly related to certain foods. It’s not always a question of ‘bad’ foods – many people who eat very healthily (lots of fruit and vegetables etc.) have problems. It can be caused by stress (even stress over food), so relaxation can definitely help. It can also be caused by eating the wrong foods for your body type (eg. too much cold and raw salad when your body type is cold). Talk to your practitioner about your poo – the chances are they can help to make you more comfortable.

Detoxing DOES Make a Difference!

Detoxing DOES Make a Difference!

Client Story

I’ve noticed that women are more open to the idea of detoxing than men. I think this is because women are more aware of their general health and they notice when they are feeling toxic after a period of over indulging.

Jessie, an accountant in her mid-30s, came to me for her regular acupuncture shortly after Christmas. During our session she mentioned that she had got back into her regular routine of healthy eating and exercise, but she was still feeling the effects of a busy month of festive social functions – too much rich food, alcohol and not enough sleep. She was feeling hot all day, and her skin started breaking out in pimples, which was quite unusual for her.

I suggested she try a gentle cooling liver cleanse to take a load off her liver and give it a chance to catch up after all the extra stress it had been under over the summer. When she came back 4-weeks later for her next treatment, she was ecstatic at the detoxing results.

She said it had been a challenging 7-days and she was glad she had followed my advice to organise her week so that Day 4 of the detoxing fell on a Saturday because she felt very tired when she was just drinking the special lemonade. The first few days she had a low-grade headache from caffeine withdrawal.

However, she was glad she stuck it out, because after Day 4 she felt great, no longer feeling hot, and her skin had cleared up.  She felt more in control of her diet and health with fewer cravings (especially for sweet treats).  She noticed the natural sweetness that fruits and veggies have, and processed foods with  added sugar tasted too sweet for her. It was as though her taste buds had been reset and she was able to eat more mindfully and healthily.

7-Day Gentle Liver Cleanse

New Year, New Start

New Year, New Start


It was wonderful to have my sister with me for 3 months, and her husband and mother-in-law for a few weeks. Their trip was delayed waiting for Australian visas, but fortunately everything worked out in the end and they were able to make their planned trips to Tasmania and the Great Barrier Reef before hubby and his mother returned to China.

On the first day of the New Year, my sister, my Mum, and I dropped Wayne at his father’s farm in South Australia and then went on to visit Adelaide, Victor Harbour and Hahndorf – the perfect trip for a person like my sister who loves gardens and art galleries! We then returned to Melbourne via the Great Ocean Road. While in Melbourne we were able to visit the special exhibition at the National Gallery and make several trips to the Botanical Gardens as well.

As you can imagine, she loved the koalas, which is why we decided to export one to China as a memento of her trip. You can see from the photo that this particular koala won’t have any difficulties adjusting to the Chinese environment and won’t have any difficulty with strange food and a very different climate.

As we move further into the New Year (in keeping with this month’s theme), I’ve been thinking about the importance of emotional cleansing and the link between our emotions and our health. Just like we’re not always aware that our body is clogged with toxins, so our emotions can hold us back from creating new things and new pathways.

You often hear people say, “You have to get rid of the possessions that no longer mean anything to you to make room for the things you want.” Well, the same is true of emotions. If we just shove our old, unhealthy emotions and reactions to the back of our mind they will jump out at us one day and we’ll find ourselves wondering, “Where did that come from! I haven’t reacted like that in years.”

We need to make time for emotional cleansing, to ask some hard questions like: What’s not working? What is my role in this problem? What have I contributed to this situation? How can I create a healthy response?

Emotion is good. It’s part of being human, but sometimes we allow it to continue past the point of helpfulness. The antidote to this is reflection and cleansing. I also find that acupuncture and Chinese medicine are tremendously helpful for releasing emotion. Chinese tradition says that it creates a wormhole and opens the energy flow within ourselves and between us and others.

Hóunián dàjí (Lots of luck for this Monkey Year)

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Shoulder and Neck Pain

– client story

What if you could get rid of shoulder and neck pain immediately and improve your neck mobility – Yes, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Can Do That!

Robert thought shoulder and neck pain were something he would have to live with … the consequences of a busy lifestyle, and life as a professional in the computer age. He came into the clinic for another issue, but as we talked I realised that he was living with almost constant shoulder and neck tension which was often painful and he had trouble turning his head. He also frequently struggled to get to sleep at night.

We started a normal course of massage and acupuncture. I frequently do some massage before I use acupuncture, because I find that the feedback I get from my fingers works well as a diagnostic tool to discover areas of tension and that also helps me discover where the blockages really are.

In Robert’s case, he came in once a week for 3 weeks to get everything moving, and continued with posture exercises and stretches at home each day. He noticed an immediate improvement and after the initial course of treatment only needs to come in once every 8 weeks or so, to maintain his mobility and keep tension at bay.