Many people find themselves feeling hot, heavy, lethargic and generally ‘blah’ in the summer heat, and they attribute that to the simple fact that the weather is hot.

The truth is, those feelings aren’t a result of the heat, but a response to it by a body that is not functioning at its best. We’ve talked about the causes in the Coping with Summer Heat article, now let’s look at some cases and cures.

Aaron usually finds the summer (and hot rooms) very draining. He’s always thought this was because he was a naturally ‘warm’ person. When he came to see us last summer he was lethargic and low-spirited and complained that it didn’t matter how much water he drank, he always felt that way. We identified blockages in his liver and lungs and we’ve been treating these with Chinese herbs and acupuncture, as well as adjusting his diet and making sure he gets enough sleep and exercise. This year he’s feeling much better, and he no longer feels exhausted and nauseated in crowded rooms.

Sarah came to see us after several days at the beach. She didn’t have ‘sunstroke’, but the exposure had thrown her stressed system out of balance. Water helped, but examination revealed that her liver and lungs were also blocked. Just a couple of treatments sorted her out and now she feels more energetic than she has for years!