Stretching Your Neck & Shoulders and Activating the Arm Meridians

Many people think that tai chi is just “that hand waving stuff that old people do in the park.” Yes, that is part of Tai Chi, but it is also a surprisingly rigorous stretching exercise, designed to challenge you both mentally and physically. It’s the only form of exercise that I have ever been able to pursue 3 times per week for several years without getting bored. With Tai Chi, I am always challenged, always learning, and always leave class with more energy than when I arrived.
The exercise helps you stretch your neck and shoulders, and expand your chest. It relieves tension, while also activating all of the meridians in your arms, releasing blockages and getting your energy moving again.

Release Tension in the Shoulders and Arms
1. Start with your feet parallel shoulder-width apart.
2. Lift your left hand above your head, with your palm facing upwards, and your fingers pointing to the right.
3. Push down with your right hand.
4. Hold for five seconds, then release.
5. Repeat for the other side.