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Spiritual Weight Loss: 5 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Spirit so You Can Find More Joy

People carry weight for many different reasons, so identifying why you are struggling with a mental, spiritual, or physical burden can transform your life.

For example, Christmas should be a joyful family time, but for many people it’s anything but stress-free! By the time you’ve rushed from work to parties, bought presents, wrapped presents, agonised over how you’re going to deal with Aunt Mary and the rest of your dysfunctional relatives, consumed too much sugar, alcohol, and rich food, tidied the house, shopped, and planned your festive meal… you’re exhausted and it’s still not Christmas!  No wonder you’re noticing a bit of extra pudginess on your body!

Your mental, spiritual, and physical selves are closely intertwined and they all reflect your health, so here are a few tips to help you handle the holidays with more enjoyment and ease…

5 Ways to Release Your Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Burdens

   1. Take time to revisit your preoccupations and concerns and release them to the universe or a higher power or whatever works for you. Your internal anger, bitterness, resentment and fear are as toxic as any poison you could consume and they are responsible for all the drama in your life. The good news is that you can control what you hold onto and what you choose to release.

Maybe you need to write down all these things on a piece of paper then imagine yourself releasing each of them and moving forward. You may need to do this a few times for very old and deep hurts, but you’ll be amazed how much lighter and happier you feel and that lightness will show on your scales and in your mirror. (perhaps symbolically burn the paper afterwards) 

Or, with mindfulness, you can train your mind through observing it, rather than getting involved in the content of the thoughts. it’s like stepping back and witnessing your thoughts and feelings, without getting caught up in them.

   2. Free yourself from your perceived responsibility to others and focus on what you are called to do with your life. This isn’t about being selfish, it’s about being filled with joy that you can effortlessly pass onto others because it is the overflow of your inner feeling rather than an obligation manufactured out of a sense of duty.

That sense of duty can become a weight that you carry around in both your mind and body unconsciously, rather than a clean energy that transmits itself to others and brings life and joy to everyone around you.

   3. Love yourself and change the language you use when you talk to yourself. If you tune into the words you use when you talk to yourself, you may be shocked. Our brains are really good at focusing on negative stuff, regardless of our positive experiences. Most of us say things to ourselves that we would never say to any other person and that shows in our reactions and in our physical appearance (including our weight).

If you don’t love your body you simply won’t treat it right or provide it with the nutrition, exercise, rest, and care it deserves. Some common symptoms that spring from our negative self-talk are pain, shortness of breath, and lethargy. When you treat yourself with kindness and respect your health will improve.

   4. Be positive, joyful, and optimistic no matter what is going on around you. I know that circumstances can be tough, but when you practice looking for the ‘silver lining’ or the bright side of every situation it starts to come more naturally. Nobody but yourself controls the energy and perspective you bring to every situation and interaction, and even if you can’t control others’ behaviour you can control your own. Happiness comes from within.

As Viktor Frankl said of Auschwitz survivors: “For many, survival was a matter of choice of perspective… the last human freedom.

   5. Look for people who can help your specific condition. People carry weight for different reasons so identifying why you are struggling with a mental, spiritual, or physical burden can transform your results. Different interventions work for different body types and conditions… there really is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. For example, acupuncture can be quite beneficial for some conditions.

So there it is… I can promise you that you that with a bit of spiritual weight loss will feel better and make a positive impact on more people if you follow these 5 simple tips and take control of your health and well-being.

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