Staff Spotlight – Vimala Kumar

You probably know that there were (and still are) a lot of nasty bugs circulating around this winter and I caught one of them and suffered for 2 weeks. As a practitioner, I hate taking time off when I’m sick because it is very inconvenient for my clients. At the same time, because the nature of my work involves being in close proximity to clients, I really did not want to risk getting others sick, so I tried everything I could to recover quickly.

I saw my GP who prescribed a corticosteroid inhaler which reduces inflammation and other symptoms, but also depresses the immune system. Anyway, I was getting frustrated so I decided to try a patent herbal remedy that has powerful antibiotic and antiviral properties and I was delighted at the speed with which it took effect! Within 3-4 days I felt significantly better. In the future, I’ll be looking to this remedy immediately, and at the same time ensuring that I have a nutritious and healing diet, and also avoiding dairy products when I am congested.

As always, before you take any herbal medicine treatments, check with your practitioner to confirm it is appropriate for you. We have a variety of herbal formulas to help you remain healthy and well during the cold and flu season. And now is the time to prepare for the upcoming hay fever season in order to reduce the severity of any hay fever symptoms!