Fluid Retention

Your body may be retaining fluid for many reasons and you might not be aware of it, but you’ll notice the difference when you start to get rid of it.

Eczema & Fluid Retention: Josh has been seeing me for several months and his eczema is now basically under control, thanks to acupuncture and herbal treatments, but it usually flares up at this time of year. Skin conditions and fluid retention are frequently an indication of weakness in the digestive system.

One visit I noticed that his skin felt rather like a water balloon, so I added some additional herbs to his prescription because Josh was retaining fluid. When he came back a month later he said clothes were more comfortable and he had not developed the weepy rash he usually suffered at this time.

Maria had a busy and stressful year. As a result of work pressure she was eating poorly, skipping exercise and had put on weight. When she came in for Shiatsu I realized that she had fluid retention, so as well as looking at her lifestyle changes I prescribed herbs and acupuncture. In the following week she lost 5 kgs – mostly of fluid. 3 weeks later she had lost another 3kgs and we changed her herbs to a digestive blend.

Once the fluid had dispersed she felt so much better and couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed it.