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Chinese herbal medicine Qianggu Capsule for the treatment of primary osteoporosis: evidence from a Chinese patent medicine

Background of this study:Primary Osteoporosis Yu Ping Feng San for Allergic Rhinitis

Qianggu Capsule, a Chinese herbal patent medicine, has been widely applied in the clinical practice of primary osteoporosis in recent years. This study aims to summarise the effectiveness and safety of Qianggu Capsule in treating primary osteoporosis.

Methods of this study:

We searched seven electronic databases, all searches ended in 30 September, 2015. All randomised controlled trials comparing the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine Qianggu Capsule treatment with no treatment, placebo or conventional therapy for primary osteoporosis were included. Combined therapies of Qianggu Capsule were also included. Cochrane risk of bias tool was used to assess methodological quality of primary studies.

Results of this study:

Ten trials were enrolled. However, the methodological quality of included studies was low. Constipation and dry mouth were the most common adverse drug reactions of Qianggu Capsule. Finally, the evidence level was evaluated to be low or very low.

Conclusions of this study:

The effect of for primary osteoporosis was supported in improving bone mineral density. Due to the methodological drawbacks of the included studies, the conclusions should be treated with caution for future research.

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  • Xu Wei,
  • Aili Xu,
  • Hao Shen and
  • Yanming Xie

BMC Complementary and Alternative MedicineBMC series – open, inclusive and trusted201717:108


©  The Author(s). 2017

  • Received: 16 February 2016
  • Accepted: 2 February 2017
  • Published: 13 February 2017