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Acupressue Points (Acupoints)


These home treatments using pressure points won’t replace your visits to a practitioner, but they can help you clear energy blockages and stimulate your body between visits. Remember, less is more! If you try all of these you will confuse your body. Talk to you practitioner about which organs need most support and focus on those exercises.!

#1— Heart Meridian
Using 4 fingers, rotate
your hand gently on the
armpit. This helps
resolve problems with
sleep – restlessness and
insomnia, as well as
mouth ulcers.
Detox points
#2- Lung Meridian
Gently hitting the inside of
your elbow with your whole
hand strengthens your
immune system and is
especially helpful for
relieving asthma and hay

#3 – Bladder Meridian
Press firmly with 4 fingers
and rub gently. This huge
meridian helps expel fluid,
phlegm, and damp from
your body which helps
relieve arthritis. The bowel
and bladder are the body’s
biggest organs for
eliminating toxins and if
they are stuck it puts extra
pressure on other organs so
it’s especially important to
keep them unblocked.

#4 – Spleen Meridian
Awaken the spleen by
pressing both thumbs on
the inner side of the knee
where the soft tissue hits
the bone. It can be quite
sore to press because so
many toxins accumulate –
especially for women. You
will probably need herbs
and other treatment as

#5 – Stomach Meridian
Place the heel of your hand on
top of the knee with the middle finger pointing at the shin bone. The pressure point is one finger-width to the outside. This enhances your
metabolism, increases energy,
and helps reduce inflammation
including dermatitis and fluid
retention, as well as eliminate
bacteria and other bugs.

#6 – Stomach Meridian
Rub the point 2 finger widths
outside the shin bone and half
way down the vertical. This
helps with weight loss by
helping your muscles drain
unneeded fluid.

#7 -Bladder Meridian Press firmly at the
back of the calves. This provides an energy boost and is especially helpful for people with constant fluid problems, fibromyalgia, hot arthritis, muscle aches and pains.

#8 -Stomach Meridian Rub firmly the point
3 fingers out from your belly button on
either side as this area is quite soft. This helps open your digestive organs, regulate bowels and bladder and lose weight.