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Postnatal and Postpartum Health

Postnatal and Postpartum Detox and Lactation

Pregnancy and birth may be a natural part of life, but they definitely take a toll on your body! So there is a very real need to take care of your postnatal and postpartum health.

postnatal and postpartum and post birthClient Story

Jane was having trouble producing enough milk, had lost her sense of smell and taste, as well as her appetite, and was constantly exhausted.
It was clear that her body needed to detoxify before her milk supply would increase, and we were anxious for her baby not to become too dependent on formula.
After 2 weeks of treatment with  acupuncture  and  medicinal herbs, Jane’s appetite has returned, she is able to taste food again and enjoy the smell of her newborn. Her energy has increased and she is feeling better on every level.
Even more exciting, her milk supply has dramatically increased and mother and baby are both thriving.

  • Disclaimer:

While these results cannot be generalised or exactly reproduced, these examples gives readers an idea of what Chinese Medicine and acupuncture therapy can do.