The Year of the Red Fire Rooster – Planning, Implementing, and Preparing for Change

-Bing Qian

The Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Rooster is here! Over the Christmas break I took time to evaluate where my life and work currently are, to consider where I want them to be, and to decide what plans, habits and changes I need to establish to make this a year of progress, fulfilment and action.

Rooster Years are great years for success, but in Rooster Years, success doesn’t happen without action and planning. Like all my readers, I face challenges and choices every day, and every day I have the opportunity to create my own “luck”, just like you do.

Did you get a chance to plan out your year? Or are you just hoping that things will turn out OK and you’ll reach your ‘goals’ anyway?

I always find that it’s hard to evaluate and plan in bits and pieces so I shut myself away for 2 days and did it all in a big chunk. Of course, I kept telling myself that I couldn’t afford to block out the time like that, but the impact was amazing! It took almost half a day to stop my mind fluttering here and there, but suddenly it was like flicking a light switch and I was 100% focused and productive.

The really amazing thing was not only how much I got done, but the sense of clarity and motivation I felt. Some people think that ‘clarity and motivation’ are intangibles, but that’s simply not true. They are game changers!

Once I had clear intentions about both my work, personal goals and activities, and finished planning what actions I need to take, my whole attitude and energy shifted. I know that things won’t always flow smoothly and that new challenges and choices will come up, but I’m prepared to face them and push through with patience and persistence.

If you haven’t yet taken the time to set goals and work out what you need to do to achieve them, then don’t waste any more time. The Year of the Fire Rooster is a time when everything will align to help you achieve the good outcomes you commit to and make your own luck for 2017.

I look forward to you celebrating your achievements during the year..… but it all starts with an action plan!

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