Client Stories

It is important for both partners to be in the best possible health when planning a pregnancy, rather than just the women coming in for the treatments and consultations.

Cindy came to Bing’s Natural Health for stress management and mentioned to me that she and her partner were thinking of starting a family. She fell pregnant soon after, but miscarried. A miscarriage sometimes affects your body harder than carrying a baby to full term. Knowing that she was anxious to conceive again, my priority during her treatment changed and I used different pressure points in her acupuncture session. Cindy is now pregnant again and everything is going well.

Pre-Pregnancy Herbs

Alison had a history of polycystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS) and in planning a pregnancy was considering starting IVF to help her get pregnant. One of her friends suggested that she try acupuncture first as this might also help with her painful periods. When she walked in for her first visit she said, “If this doesn’t work I’m going to try IVF!”  I said, “Give me 3 months.”  And we started treatment.

After her health assessment, I decided to use both herbal therapy and acupuncture to remove the blockages and get her energy moving more efficiently. Her first period was still painful, but a lot less than usual. The second period was perfectly normal with no pain or clots. Alison fell pregnant on her third cycle and we are now supporting her until she has the baby. Not only did she resolve her debilitating period pain, she also saved a lot on what she would have spent on IVF.

Please refer to our fertility page for more guidance, support and information.