‘What we eat and what our body absorbs is a two-way street that affects our physical health and also our mental health.  You cant expect to eat poorly, and not experience anxiety and depression, as well as stress.’

I love exploring the synergies between Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine because they really do complement each other. Sometimes there is a tendency to see them as opposing one another, but that is not the way it should be.

I am constantly expanding my knowledge and learning new techniques like Japanese acupuncture, which is especially effective for children and chronic conditions. Unlike cars and computers, the human body and mind are marvellously individual, complex, and fascinating.  As a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner I love watching my clients heal their bodies and minds, as we work together to modify their diet, lifestyle, and treat their pain and dis-ease, to obtain both physical and mental health. There seems to be no end to the discoveries we make about how all our different systems work together.  That is why just treating a single symptom is rarely successful.

Many people don’t realise that the increasing levels of anxiety and depression we are seeing aren’t just a result of our stressful, busy lifestyle, but have a lot to do with the foods we are eating. In order to treat these diseases we need to look at our minds and bodies (and our lifestyle) as part of a single holistic being, and treat our whole person with care and respect.