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Have you ever thought of mentioning a symptom to your Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner and hesitated because it seems so trivial or irrelevant?  Many people think that way, so today I’d like to tell you to stop doing that – NOW!

“No Information is too trivial or too crazy in Traditional Chinese Medicine –tell us even if it seems irrelevant!”

In TCM all symptoms are relevant because they can provide us with the vital clue that tells us what is really going on in your body.

Spring, for example, is the time when our energy is changing and waking up. Some of the most profound physical changes take place in our body at this time, so it’s important to prepare our bodies in order to avoid pain and injury.

Pain is an important indicator for exactly what type of warm-up your body needs. A dull, throbbing pain indicates a deficiency of some type and your practitioner will focus on tonifying and warming your body; whereas a sharp pain indicates some kind of stagnation and requires sessions that will get the blood moving. Your spring liver cleansing acts like a warm-up before exercise to help the energy to flow freely through your body without blockages and discomfort.

Pay attention to your pain, and talk to your practitioner about it – we love to listen and improve your health and comfort.