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   Bing’s Natural Health  – sharing our vision with our community

   The Leading Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic and Chinese Medicine Herbalists in South Melbourne

   What makes Bing’s Natural Health (BnH) different?   What makes Bing’s Natural Health (BnH) so special?

  Our Vision Statement

   Our passion is to create wellness in the world by empowering you to achieve holistic wellbeing

  Our BnH Practitioners

  Our amazing practitioners are valued for their skills and their commitment to our core vision.

   By empowering you to achieve holistic wellbeing, we help you to gain:

  •       improved health
  •       improved wellbeing
  •       wellness knowledge
  •       wellness strategies 

  The major strength of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the ability to modify your treatment based on your individual TCM diagnosis. Treatments will include the core TCM          interventions of acupuncture, laser acupuncture,  moxibustion, Chinese massage, shiatsu,  cupping and/or herbal medicine.

   Our practitioners have many areas of interest including

  •    pain relief and pain management
  •    women’s health, fertility and IVF support
  •    chronic conditions support,
  •    stress management and mental health care

  The BNH practitioner team pursues their continual professional development individually, and shares their new knowledge during our regular staff meetings. This ensures that we    are able to provide you with the most beneficial treatments using the latest information available. We love to improve our skills and knowledge, and our curiosity is sparked by          following new developments in health and science.