At Bing’s Natural Health we are often asked for general tips on improving fertility. I’m  always hesitant to provide these as Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on providing specific treatment for each individual. Everybody is unique, and although their symptoms may sound identical the treatment that suits one person may not be best for someone with a different body type or health issue.

However, as I talk to patients who want to increase their fertility there are 3 things that I find myself saying almost every time:

  1. Reduce your stress
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep each night (10pm-6am provides better quality rest than 1am-9am)
  3. Eat a wide variety of foods, especially fresh fruit and vegetables
  4. Have regular acupuncture sessions to balance your system

Often the initial response is a despairing, “But there’s nothing I can change!” Despair changes to hope as we talk about little changes they can make – and hope becomes joy as they make these changes and start feeling better!
Just about every aspect of your life looks better when your body is rested and well-nourished – and when you add the benefits of acupuncture and suitable herbs those benefits are multiplied. This increases your chance of conception either naturally or through IVF.

These may seem simple prescriptions but our modern city lifestyle is constantly adding to our stress-levels, depriving us of sleep, and tempting us to take short-cuts with our food.

There is nothing that gives me more joy than watching a healthy pregnancy give place to a precious new baby, and I’m committed to working with my patients towards optimal fertility through Chinese herbs,  dietary therapy  and lifestyle changes.