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Migraines, Herbs and TCM 2017

Cosmetic Acupuncture and TCM 2017

Stress Symptoms and TCM 2017

Treating Skin Problems with TCM

Creating Space for Growth 2017

Autumn Review and Replenish 2017

Herbs and Holidays 2017

Our Newest Practitioner – Zahra 2017

Nurturing Your Spleen Feb 17

Meet Vimala

Hayfever, Allergies, And Energy Renewal Newsletter 2016

TCM For Tricky Health Conditions 2016

Panic and Anxiety Newsletter 2016

Post-Natal Care Newsletter 2016

Pregnancy Care 2016

Plan your pregnancy 2016

Using the Abdomen for Diagnosis 2016


Liver Detox Newsletter 2016

TCM and Conception Newsletter Oct 15

Newsletter SEPTEMBER

Newsletter July

Newsletter June

Remembering: Past, Present, Future

Cupping – What Are Those Marks?

The year of Wooden Sheep

Celebrate & Explore


Recharge, Rediscover & Rebuild!

Surviving the party season December 2014

Men’s Health November 2014

Home Detox Pressure Points October 2014

Eye Exercise for Spring September 2014

Newsletter August 2014


Food and Body – Bing’s Newsletter June 2014

Exercise for Pain Relief Newsletter May 2014

Managing Your Pain Newsletter April 2014


Fertility Clinic – Newsletter March 14

Quitting Smoking – February 2014

Menopause edition September 2013

Stay Well in Winter Newsletter Jun 2013

Autumn Newsletter March 2013

Asthma Strategies Newsletter Bing’s Natural Health Jun 2012

Laser Acupuncture for Fatigue Newsletter February 12