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Needle-Free Laser Acupuncture

What Happens If I Am Scared of Needles?needle-free laser acupuncture

Traditionally, an acupuncture treatment has consisted of single-use, sterilized, extremely fine, stainless steel needles inserted through the skin at prescribed “active” points. A recent development in acupuncture is the use of Needle-Free Laser Acupuncture to stimulate the same active points along the meridians, and doesn’t require physical penetration through the skin.

Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT is the treatment of various conditions by a fully qualified Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioner, using an infrared pulsed semiconductor diode laser system. The infrared laser operates in the near infrared spectrum that is invisible to the human eye.

Laser acupuncture treatment involves the use of low level laser light therapy upon the same points that would be used in a traditional acupuncture session. This stimulates the acupuncture points and improves the local blood and lymph circulation. The clinical therapeutic application of the laser system is great news for people who are uncomfortable with needles, and who would still like to receive the benefits of acupuncture. Laser acupuncture is perfect for treatments with children.

The laser used at Bing’s Natural Health is an innovative diode infrared laser. It is a special Class 1 laser therapy unit that is painless, will not burn or raise the skin temperature, is eye-safe, fully registered with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and meets all required standards. There have been no reported negative effects, and the laser can be used on patients with pacemakers and/or surgical implants.

Stimulation of the acupuncture points induces a healing response in the body and increased circulation to the local area. This is the same effect as from the use of traditional acupuncture with needles. Chinese medicine treatment may be able to assist with pain relief and management.

Laser Therapy – the accepted terminology used to describe any use of the laser to give a clinical effect in target tissue.
LLLT – acronym for Low Level Laser Therapy which is the term coined by T. Ohshiro and R.G. Calderhead and now well accepted to describe clinical therapeutic applications of a laser system.
Cold Laser – scientifically and etymologically incorrect term previously used for ‘laser therapy system’.
Low Power Laser – another scientifically and etymologically incorrect term previously used for ‘laser therapy system’.

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