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Acupuncture is like a plumber unblocking your drains.  Whereas, Moxibustion (Moxa) strengthens your system, lifts your energy, and warms the body by increasing your life force.

An Old Story About the Power of Moxa: Once a man was pulled from the water in China,who had just drowned. A Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner was there and, anxious to spare the man’s family, he set to work to restore his life energy. Since acupuncture just causes the energy that is already there to flow, he used moxibustion to lift the energy in the body and the man was restored to life.

MoxibustionWhat is Moxa?  Moxa is actually produced from the leaves of an amazing plant called artemesia vulgaris or Mugwort widely used in treating malaria and other diseases.

It comes in tiny pellets, cones, and sticks, and can be applied to the end of acupuncture needles, or placed on a slice of ginger on a bed of salt, or the sticks can be burned close to the area needing stimulation. The smell can be likened to burning marijuana, which often attracts curious comments when new clients visit the clinic. Care needs to be taken when treating patients with respiratory problems as certain types of moxa can create a lot of smoke.

What Does Moxa Do? It strengthens and elevates your Qi energy.  Moxibustion is widely used in Chinese medicine in conjunction with acupuncture to manage and relieve pain symptoms – especially chronic, stubborn pain. Burning moxa during an acupuncture session may unblock and increase your energy.