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The marvellous thing about Traditional Chinese Medicine is that it includes many different modalities, such as acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, gua sha and massage. This gives the flexibility to provide a customised solution that best suits each individual, and which can evolve based on your specific needs.

Some people visiting the clinic are less relaxed and less comfortable with the acupuncture and therefore do not get the anticipated results.

One option may be to use moxibustion (moxa) instead of acupuncture. This involves the skilful use of a moxa stick above and around the affected areas, and also the related pressure points. The patient may relax quickly into the moxibustion treatment and then be able to receive the full benefit of the treatment.

At Bing’s Natural Health we focus on YOU, rather than just administering a treatment. We look at the whole person – including your past, present and body type. Finding the appropriate modality for each client is the essence of our practice. You can talk to your practitioner about the most appropriate modality for you.