Stress sometimes seems like a catch all diagnosis for many mens issues. Let’s look at some real life presentations and solutions.

Veijo was having trouble sleeping, seemed to catch every cold or virus that went around, was feeling really stressed and generally tired all the time. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) these are classic symptoms of blockages in energy flow and I saw specific areas where this was the case so I recommended acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs to unblock these areas and allow his natural energy to flow.

Within a week Veijo was feeling less stressed and sleeping better which improved his energy levels. By following a simple program of regular acupuncture and Chinese herbs, plus some dietary therapy changes, meditation and regular exercise (2-3 times per week) his other symptoms improved dramatically.


What part does the man’s stress and health play in a couple’s fertility?

Craig came with his wife while they were taking a break from IVF treatments. His sperm count, morphology and motility were at the lower end of the normal range. He was clearly only in our clinic at his wife’s urging, but he was willing to implement the treatments we suggested – Chinese herbs, acupuncture and vitamins.

After 3 months of treatment his sperm count, morphology and motility had improved significantly. A month later Craig and his wife were pregnant – naturally!  Their TCM treatment saved them tens of thousands of dollars as well as the stress of IVF.

Please refer to our fertility page for more guidance, support and information.

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