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Mens Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mens Health 

Many Men Suffer Unnecessarily Because They Are Embarrassed About Their Health Problems!

Are You Among Them?

No Need to Feel Embarrassed!

The truth is, your practitioners have seen it all… and we’ve usually heard similar stories from other clients, and we’ve been able to alleviate or cure their problem. So what’s stopping you from becoming another success story?

Mens Health Issues

Chinese medicine treatment may be able to assist with:

  • Management of pain, stress and fatigue related to some autoimmune disorders, in consultation with other treating health practitioners 
  • Management of pain, fatigue and nausea related to many chronic diseases 

Some mens health issues may be linked to kidney deficiency and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that relates not merely to the organ, but to your fundamental energy system which influences many aspects of your being. What is even more important is that your kidney energy supports every other system in the body, so when it is low your other organs start to malfunction resulting in more problems.

Your Kidney Energy: Essence, Yin, and Yang

The kidney is the only TCM function which has both yin (nourishing) and yang (active) properties. It also has another aspect: essence. You are born with a certain measure of kidney essence to support you during your life and when it’s all used up, you die. However, if you keep your yin and yang energy at the peak, by eating properly, sleeping enough, and don’t dissipate it with too much sex, drugs and alcohol then you can enjoy a long, healthy life, and preserve your youthful energy and appearance.

Supporting Your Kidney Energy…

Adequate sleep is essential, along with Chinese herbs and acupuncture to nourish you from the inside. Beyond that, some of the foods which will boost your kidney yin and yang include: – oysters, clams, cuttlefish, and seaweed; mung beans, chestnuts, goji berries, black beans, black-boned chicken, blueberries, blackberries and button mushrooms…

A Tale of Two Men

Tom is born with a full glass of kidney essence and is a bundle of life and energy. In his teens he starts staying up late and rising early and doesn’t notice any loss of focus or effectiveness. He eats poorly (lots of junk food), and over-indulges in alcohol as well as playing around with drugs. By the time he is 50, Tom is worn out and looks far older than his years, his kidney essence has been depleted and his mind and body are worn out.

Jim is born with just half a glass of kidney essence, so he realises he needs to look after himself. He quickly learns that pulling all-nighters to finish assignments and eating poorly affect his performance and sense of well-being so he takes care of himself. He usually gets a good night’s sleep, only drinks alcohol in moderation, and at 50 Jim still has as much energy and doesn’t look much older than he did at 30.

The big difference…Jim has learned the secret of nurturing his kidney energy. Tom hasn’t!

100% Confidential!

TCM practitioners follow the same strict code of confidentiality as your GP or medical specialist does. What is discussed in the treatment room goes no further, so why let short-term embarrassment stop you from getting help?


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