Traditional Chinese Medicine is widely known for its use of  acupuncture,  medicinal herbs,  and  Chinese massage  for managing pain and treating a variety of soft tissue and general health conditions.   Less  commonly known is the fact that we also diagnose and treat muscular-skeletal pain problems as well.

When a patient comes to us with back, neck, head, knee or hip problems the first things we do are postural assessments and range of motion assessments that are very similar to those carried out by other health practitioners.

However, we don’t stop there.  Our experience and training tells us that this sort of pain is rarely an isolated event.  A sprained ankle … is a sprained ankle … is a sprained ankle – but a few weeks down the track, that sprained ankle might also be a sore knee, hip or back as a result of stress and postural change.

The principles of diagnosis are the same, yet every patient is different.  So we check your tongue, pulse, skin and nails.  We ask questions about your work and lifestyle, about your family and relationships, about other aspects of your health that don’t necessarily relate to your headaches, or your sore knee or back.

Only when we have all the information we need, do we then decide on the best treatment for you.  Normally that treatment involves a combination of acupuncture, massage, stretching and Chinese herbs.

When you’re young, your body has all the nutrients and trace elements it needs for growth and health, but as you age your hectic lifestyle depletes them.   And sooner or later this will catch up with you.  The herbs, acupuncture, dietary therapy and lifestyle changes that your Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner prescribes will gradually replenish these nutrients and restore the balance of your body needs for optimum health.

Prevention is better than cure, so it’s never too soon to start taking care of your health.  Our regular clinic patients say they have far more energy and health than their friends do.  If you start before you have health problems, the chances are good that you will achieve a healthy, happy, mobile, old age.