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I take good care of my health. Although I tend to self-diagnose and self-treat as any practitioner does, I also regularly see my own Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners for treatment rather than relying on my own expertise to self-treat. Why is this? Mostly because I can be ignorant about my own symptoms, and sometimes I am simply in denial about the effects that age has on my body. Most of all I do this because if you don’t take care of the foundations, your body will collapse.

Most of my patients recognise this danger – that’s why they see us regularly and will comment on changes in their health – even apparently minor symptoms. I do notice that male patients tend to visit only when they are in serious pain that they can’t ignore.

Men’s bodies age just like women’s do – and yes, there is a male menopause. From age 25 their bodies are in slow decline. After 40 the burden of responsibility at work and home, financial stresses, marriage, kids, past injuries and the like starts to show and they notice that their body just isn’t as responsive as it used to be – but many of them keep pushing it anyway, maybe because they feel that they are locked in and have no other option.

The truth is, I’ve seen a few patients recently whose symptoms would have been a lot less serious, and whose treatment might have been quite simple if they’d seen us earlier.male menopause

So I’m really on something of a mission to encourage our male patients to come in for quarterly check-ups and let us monitor your health so that your body will enable you to perform better in all areas of your life for many years. Think about these check-ups like car maintenance – a thorough investigation that may uncover problems you hadn’t noticed, but which makes it run better in the long run.
And because there is such a thing as male menopause, the best way to set yourself up for a long, healthy, active, and enjoyable life – with less pain and disease, is to start taking care of your body long before there are noticeable problems. Those sprains, strains and other injuries may have stopped bothering you very quickly in childhood and youth, but unless you maintain your body correctly, they can come back to haunt you later on.
Your body is actually the only true vehicle that you ‘drive’ in this life, and so far there is no ‘trade-in’ option. Be kind to your body, and let us help you look after it.