I grew up with this unusual health condition

by Bing Qian

When I was growing up, I had this very unusual condition. My joints would ache daily and I would constantly fall over. Every now and then, it got worse and my joints would swell, especially on the ankles. Mum would have to take me to the hospital and then the same thing would happen again: numerous rounds of blood tests and joint injections. By the time I was five, my hospital medical history was a very thick file and yet my condition remained a mystery.P1030688

The joint injections were very painful for a young child. However, the trauma of receiving the injections was felt by everyone in the family, especially my mother whose pain was visible through her eyes. On many occasions on the way home she would say to me: ‘We need a doctor in the family. It is so hard to make decisions when you do not have enough knowledge. You can only do what people tell you to do because you are too scared not to and you do not have any other options.’

My condition improved as I got older, especially when I started swimming from grade 4. My muscles strengthened and my ligaments got stronger which stabilized my joints. As it turns out, my condition was due to hyper-flexibility which meant that my muscles and tendons were simply too loose to hold my tiny joints together. The swelling and extreme pains were caused by my muscles and tendons working too hard. One of the simple solutions to my condition could have been exercise with care. The joint injections had given me the very minimum of short-term relief. If we understood better, we probably would have chosen differently to avoid the long-term damage from the joint injections.

Many years later, I noticed this condition in one of my sons. As you can guess, he was in luck. He got to do plenty of physical activities which he loved rather than joint injections.

My mum’s painful stare every time I was receiving the joint injections remained unforgettable in my memory. When it was time for me to choose between a western medicine university and a Chinese medicine college for my career path, I was very much drawn to the latter. Discovering ‘the Latest and the Best’ was never really my thing. Instead, reliable, time tested and simple health principles made more sense to me. Now all these years later, as a health practitioner, my priority within the treatment room is always to pass on my knowledge to my clients so they will have more options.

Many medical issues can be lessened or avoided if we have proper knowledge regarding our own health. I often hear my client say, “…the pain started … I was too scared to move because I didn’t know if I was doing it right and I didn’t even know if I should be moving…” and similar comments on internal health issues such as menopausal conditions or skin conditions. Nowadays the internet provides vast amounts of medical information. However, non-specific, scattered and overwhelming amounts of information will rarely lead to better decision making in terms of your health. Often the information is too general and not specific enough for your body type and your current situation.

Our knowledge at Bing’s Natural Health is your asset. We encourage and invite you to learn how to look after your body. There are many ways to be healthy. You can choose. Of course, if you are tired of ‘more information’, we will look after your health for you, until or if you are ready to learn.

I am excited to be working with you. Your health lies within your own hands.