Needle-free laser acupuncture

In order to show the effectiveness of needle-free laser acupuncture in treating common ailments, practitioner Alice Louey conducted a 10-week course of laser acupuncture treatments at Bing’s Natural Health. Below is the summary of this client case study.

Mrs S, Mid 30-y-o
Her main complaint was general tiredness, leading to fatigue by the end of the day and exhaustion by the end of the week. She had also suffered from frequent colds and poor sleep over the previous 3 months. Due to her problems sleeping, Mrs S’s body was not able to rest and regenerate during the night, which further added to her feelings of tiredness.

At Mrs S’s first session, she rated her energy levels at 3/10 (on a 1-10 rating scale; where 1/10 is totally exhausted, can’t- get-out-of-bed feeling, and 10/10 is bouncing-out-of-bed & full of energy). By her 4th treatment session, her energy rating had improved to 7/10, and sleep was better. Her energy stabilised at 7-8/10 for the remainder of the treatment course and she was no longer feeling exhausted by the end of the week. Additionally, she didn’t catch any colds during this course of treatments.

The treatments for Mrs S’s ailment would usually include other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities like Chinese herbs,  moxibustion  and/or acupuncture to gain a quicker response in boosting the energy levels. However, for the purposes of testing the effectiveness of laser acupuncture, this was the sole modality used for this case study.

Other conditions that have responded well to laser acupuncture treatments include sciatica pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, spider veins and scar reduction.