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Kitchen ExperimentsKitchen Experiments

We are what we eat. This is why I have such a fascination with different dietary habits and eating plans. I love to experience the effects of different foods and eating styles on my mood, energy, and performance. Last year my partner and I went on a super low-carb diet – partly to help him lose weight. That is working really well for him, but I found that it doesn’t provide me with the energy I need… and I think this is really IMPORTANT: our bodies are all different and have specific different requirements so we need to listen to the signals our own body sends us.

Playing with Flours

Low-carb is all very well, and works great for many people. However, I have been playing with paleo alternatives which are more nutrient dense, which give me more mental and physical energy. The challenge is to discover how recipes react to these different flour types. I’ve had a lot of success with green banana flour and tigernut flour (which are used in the Crunchy Seed Crackers (gluten-free) recipe). Both of these contain resistant starches with higher nutrient values. Tigernut flour also has pre-biotic starches which are said to feed the good bacteria in the gut)

A Sad Failure…

I was so excited by some of my other kitchen experiments that I tried a muffin recipe using cassava flour. Those muffins looked superb when I removed them from the oven: golden brown and they smelled amazing! Then I cut into one…It was glumpy and gooey on the inside. I returned these muffins into the oven and checked every 10 minutes until they were charred on the outside. Again when I cut into one it was still gooey inside. I even tried letting them cool and then microwaved one to see if that would help to save them. Sadly, the whole batch had to go into the bin.…

If you find a cassava flour recipe and try it, and it works, please send it to me here at the Bing’s Natural Health clinic so I can use up the rest of my cassava flour.