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Konjac Noodles Salad

Konjac Noodles Salad


Konjac noodles (sometimes called Shirataki noodles) are translucent, thin, long, white, gelatinous noodles made from the root of the Kojac plant that grows in Japan and China, and are common in Asian Cuisine. The noodle contains lots of soluble fibre, called glucomannan and water. In fact, they are about 97% water and 3% soluble fiber (glucomannan). Glucomannan can absorb up to fifty times its weight in water.

Can help you to lose weight…

Because they are extremely low in carbohydrates, calories and fat, it is the perfect option for people who want to lose weight and aid their new year’s resolution. They are very easy to prepare and gluten free.

Konjac noodles are very filling, and their soluble fibre slows down the stomach emptying, so you stay full for a longer time on low calories. The noodles are generally tasteless and absorb the flavours of what they are cooked with.

However, they are “cooling” from a Chinese medicine point of view. Therefore, for people who have “cold stomach” or “weak spleen”  Konjac noodles can make their digestion weaker. For these people to eat Konjac noodles, simply add some minced ginger, which is warming and helps to improve the digestive function by neutralising the coldness.