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Snow Fungus Soup

Snow Fungus Soup

The season of dryness is back. Do you have any strategies to fight dry skin? What about Snow Fungus Soup?Snow Fungus Soup

In this traditional Snow Fungus Soup recipe I am going to share the ancient Chinese secret that can nourish your dry skin. In fact, Yang Kwei-fei (AD713 to AD756) who was an imperial Tang dynasty concubine, and one of the four great ancient Chinese beauties, is said to have credited the snow mushroom with maintaining her youthful appearance.

What is Snow fungus? Snow fungus has many names, such as white wood ear, silver ear fungus and white fungus. It has no flavour and is delightfully crunchy.

Snow fungus is a type of mushroom that is commonly used in Chinese cuisine. This is a sweet style of soup made with snow fungus, red dates, lotus seeds and goji berries. these ingredients can be found in an Asian store or market.

According to Chinese Medicine snow fungus strengthens the Lung function and due to the gelatinous structure and high concentration of polysaccharide, it boosts skin hydration. It is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties. The lotus seeds are good for spleen and kidney function, while the red dates assist with digestion.