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Vegetarian Curry

Vegetarian Curry

The spices in traditional curry have many healthful properties and the rush of heat you experience is a sign that they are stimulating your energies. Turmeric is not only good for cleaning blemishes from your skin, it is also used in treating many internal complaints.

Vegetarian curries are flexible dishes which are great for using up leftover vegetables because you can substitute any vegetable you choose for the ones in the recipe and vary the quantities. When you are making substitutions remember to add the firmest vegetables first as they are the ones which will need to cook for longer.

Side dishes are a great addition to your meal as well and add variety and flavour.

Immunity Boost Soup

Immunity Boost Soup

This Chinese herbal immunity boost soup is a great way to warm the digestion and support and balance your body. Since digestive issues can interfere with your sleep, it can also improve sleep.
For example, you can enjoy this soup throughout winter to support your body, promote general health and reduce the symptoms of winter ailments.
You can also have this soup three times per week during a cold or flu to help speed up recovery, reduce fatigue and strengthen your body constitution.
Ingredients:   fu ling, corn silk, huang qi, lotus seeds, Chinese dates, chen pi, shitake mushrooms, chao yi yi ren

The Chinese herbs in this immunity boost soup recipe are easily obtained in most Asian grocery shops. However, we also have the Chinese herbs for this recipe available at Bing’s Natural Health that are pre-packaged together in the correct quantities for this recipe. Click on this link to see Bing’s Things

Warming Vegetarian Winter Stir-Fry

Warming Vegetarian Winter Stir-Fry

According to Chinese Medicine winter means it is time to nourish and warm your body, to help get you through these cold rainy days. It is also the time to build up your internal stores, and replenish your Kidney energy.

A healthy, nourishing diet involves eating what is seasonal, and in winter that includes root vegetables, cabbage and brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and winter greens. At this time of year food should be cooked slowly, and some of the best meals are hearty soups and stews.

For something a bit different though, try this warming vegetarian winter stir-fry. Chinese five-spice powder is perfect for gently warming the body and supporting the kidneys, and the black sesame seeds are used to nourish the blood. They are readily available at Asian groceries, along with fried tofu.

The exact combination of vegetables doesn’t matter, so substitute in any of your seasonal favourites.

Keep the chili mild, and enjoy the gentle warmth of the spices.