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Heat Lamp

According to traditional Chinese medicine, heat strengthens the smooth flow of Qi energy, and expels the cold, blockages and stagnation which can cause pain.Heat Lamp

Firstly, a little bit of amazing history about how TDP mineral heat lamp therapy came into existence. There was a century-old black clay ceramic factory in rural central China where the impoverished workers toiled hard in very unfavourable conditions of heat, cold and wet. Yet in spite of this adversity, they were all remarkably healthy, without the usual physical aches and pains. Investigations and research revealed that the far infrared radiation given off by this particular hot clay was very beneficial for the human condition.

In the 1980’s the Chinese used this discovery to develop the TDP mineral lamp which contains a special mineral layer on a heated iron plate. This mineral layer includes around 33 trace elements which radiate far infrared emissions when heated to the right temperature. Hence the name TDP which is short for the Chinese pinyin “Teding Diancibo Pu” which means specific or special electromagnetic spectrum, because the heat lamp transmits far infrared radiation in the 2-50 micrometre range. This helps to stimulate the natural healing processes within the body.

The therapeutic benefits of the TDP heat lamp include improved blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels (microcirculation) and loosening of connective tissue (fascia) to relax muscles and increase the range of movement. This is wonderfully relaxing.

The heat lamp may be used to support an acupuncture treatment. And it can also be used instead of moxibustion where the patient is sensitive to moxa smoke.

The session will usually last for 15-30 minutes and sometimes longer. The TDP mineral lamp therapy is only used in accordance with your body type and the stage of your condition. Your practitioner will know when and if this is suitable for you.