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Skin Health and Food

Healthy Skin Starts on the Inside!

Do you suffer from dry, itchy, patchy, or flushed skin? You may be able to alleviate the symptoms with food.

Winter Skin Stressors

During winter many people notice that their skin is especially dry. This can be exacerbated when we alternate between our heated indoor environment and the crisp, cool air outdoors. The cold biting wind doesn’t help either.

You may want to consider exercising indoors in a gym or studio during the winter if your skin is particularly susceptible. Remember to nourish and protect your skin with moisturiser and sunscreen. The foods you eat will help to provide nourishment to your skin.

Foods & Your Skin

One branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) involves food therapy. Food therapy is part of the self-care regime that enables you to take care of your own health on a day-to-day basis and build your immunity. One of the basic philosophies behind this is that different foods produce differing thermal effects on the body:- cooling, heating, and neutral.

In Chinese medicine, we classify certain conditions as ‘hot’ or ‘cold’. For example, skin conditions that might be caused by too much “TCM heat” may include conditions like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea. Foods that might have a cooling effect on the body might then include tofu, cucumber, apples, bananas, lettuce, watermelon, and peppermint tea. And avoiding foods that heat the body such as deep-fried food, prawns, lamb, curries, chai tea, alcohol, and caffeine. The idea of this example is that if you pay attention to the effect your food choices have on your skin’s health, you may be surprised at what you discover!

Healthy Skin Starts on the Inside!