In previous articles we have talked about the ways that Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you with fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. This time we will give some advice on how to best care for yourself after your baby has been born.

Pregnancy and labour are very draining, and from a Chinese medicine perspective many new mothers are deficient in Qi energy and Blood. Symptoms of this may include a weakened immune system, fatigue, dizziness, a sallow complexion, dull hair and skin, or poor digestion. If the deficiency is severe enough then women may also be more susceptible to postnatal depression and can experience trouble producing breast milk.

By building back up your Qi and Blood in the first few months after childbirth you can reduce these symptoms, and also avoid longer term health problems. Traditionally in China, women will rest for a full month after childbirth. They spend almost the full month in bed, with their only job being to rest and to feed their baby.

Spending a whole month resting might not be practical for everyone, but there are other simple ways to help improve your recovery. Firstly, come in and visit us at Bing’s Natural Health for a treatment tailored to your specific needs. Chinese herbs and acupuncture are the most effective way of naturally helping to restore the Blood and Qi in your body.

Secondly, and almost as important, is what you eat. The best dietary therapy at this stage is lots of foods that nourish the Qi and Blood.

These foods include:

  • chicken, lamb, and beef
  • eggs
  • kidney beans, black beans, soy beans
  • plums, cherries, dates, figs, black grapes
  • beetroot, tomatoes, yams, spinach and other leafy greens
  • ginger

It is best to eat warm nourishing meals like soups and stews. Avoid cold foods, such as salads and raw vegetables, and cold drinks. Also try to reduce very fatty and greasy foods, because these can be hard to digest.

One of the best ways that a mother can take care of her new baby is to make sure that she also takes care of herself. By taking the time to rest, eat nourishing foods, and to have natural Chinese medicine treatments, women are able to effectively build up their Qi and Blood and help to avoid many different health issues, for both themselves and their baby