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Food is one of the Four Pillars of HealthFood is one of the Four Pillars of Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine

I love discovering new recipes and have experimented with various eating plans/diets over the past few years. I’m keen to discover how difficult the transition is, how easy it is to find foods that are compatible with each different diet, and how my body responds to these dietary changes. I also like to see how different plans compare to Chinese medicine’s dietary principles, where food is one of the four pillars of health. The eating plans/diets I’ve recently experimented with are the 5:2 (intermittent fasting) diet, the ketogenic (high fat/low carb) diet, and the autoimmune paleo diet.

Your dietary habits are one aspect of your own self-care that you are easily able to influence. Many of my clients do follow different eating plans. One thing that I’ve discovered is that depending on your body-type according to TCM (hot/cold etc) some of these eating plans are more effective and easier to modify than others. It’s interesting to note that following the TCM recommendations and modifying any eating plan to match can significantly affect your energy levels and weight loss.  

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