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Bing’s Natural Health – Our Fees and Prices (excluding Chinese Herbal Medicine)

Updated 1st August 2018.

The prices for Chinese Herbal Medicine prescriptions are an extra cost.  These herbs are only be prescribed based on your individual needs and every individual has different requirements, so there is no set price for Chinese herbs.

These fees and prices are designed to provide unique and individualised care to our clients.

Each session may involve several different modalities.

If Chinese Herbal Medicine is required, the herbs are charged separately and are an additional cost. Herbs are not included in the session prices below.

HICAPS is available for your immediate Private Health Insurance claims. Please remember to bring your private health insurance card so that we can check if you are covered for our services.

Acupuncture Treatments
Initial Consultation – 1 Hour          $120.00
Standard Session – 45 minutes     $90.00

Therapeutic Massages (Tuina/Shiatsu/Pregnancy)
Combination Sessions (e.g. Acupuncture & Therapeutic Massage)
45 minutes          $100.00
60 minutes          $130.00
75 minutes          $160.00
90 minutes          $180.00
          (Pregnancy Massage – minimum 60 minutes)
          (Combination Sessions – minimum 45 minutes)

Ear Candling (Ear candles included)          45 minutes          $93.00

Cupping          20 minutes          $45.00

Gua Sha          20 minutes          $45.00

Laser Acupuncture
Initial Consultation – 45 minutes              $90.00
Standard  Session – 20 minutes              $55.00

Cosmetic Acupuncture
  Your Initial Consultation – 90 minutes          $180.00
  Follow-up Consultations – 60 minutes          $140.00

Multi-session package: 3x 60 minute  $405.00     

Express Sessions
20 minutes          $45.00        (Cupping, Gua sha)
30 minutes          $55.00         (Cupping, Gua sha)     

$15.00 Herbs Re-Order Fee
Only applies if you re-order some special prescription herbs over the phone without another clinic consultation.

And yes, Bing’s Natural Health does have a Cancellation Policy