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Exercise pain away – the difference between 90% pain-free, and 100% pain-free

I bet your practitioner has told you to ‘do your stretching exercises’ – and experience tells me that you did them – for a little while.  Then you felt better, and quit doing your exercises.

Let me suggest why stopping this might not be the best for you, and why taking better long term care of yourself is more important. The stretches are not just for when the pain flares up again. The stretches are not just for crises management.

You want the pain to stay away. Prevention is better than cure. You need to keep up your stretching exercises until the pain is completely gone and then continue the stretches to keep the pain away.  Maybe started doing Tai Chi weekly.

Persevering until your pain is completely gone, and then doing ongoing health maintenance does make a difference to your general well-being!stretching exercise pain away

This way you are less likely to have serious painful setbacks that drain your energy and productivity for yourself and others around you.