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Ear Candling

Disclaimer: Ear candles are not a medical device. In no way should ear candles or ear candling be used to replace qualified medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, or medically prescribed medication.

 The History of Ear Candling

ear candlingThe art of using the natural therapy of ear candling goes back over 3,000 years. The use of ear candles for therapeutic and emotional benefits, has been passed down for many generations by the native American Indians, specifically the Hopi tribe(meaning “people of peace”).  There are also records in earlier times of pottery cones and hollow reeds being used by Egyptians, Africans, Chinese and Tibetans.

What Are Ear Candles and Their Use?

Ear candles are hollow tubes made of cotton or linen cloth impregnated with beeswax, and sometimes with herbs, or essential oils, such as Tea Tree and Eucalyptus with their antifungal and antiseptic functions. Each candle is around 25cm long and burns for 15 to 25 minutes. Ear candles are mainly used for gently cleaning the ear canal and promoting a healthy atmosphere in the ear, throat and sinus cavities. This is an alternative to ear wax spoons, cotton buds and ear syringing which are invasive and potentially dangerous.

Why Get Ear Candling?

Ear candling is soothing and creates a relaxed space to reduce stress tension, and promote natural healing, enhanced health and overall wellness. Stimulating the acupuncture and energy points around the area of the ear conveys benefits to the mind, body and spirit.

A build up of wax in the ears can reduce hearing. Pressure imbalances in the ears are uncomfortable, especially after flying or scuba diving. While the ear is naturally self cleaning, and a certain amount of ear wax is required to lubricate and protect the ear, the accumulation of excess wax and fluid can cause issues. Shampoo and soap residue may also harden ear wax.

Ear candling is helpful for drawing dead cells, bacteria, pollen, yeast, dust, fungus, mould, parasites, pollution and other toxic debris out of the ears.

On a spiritual and esoteric level it is said to release energy blockages, cleanse the aura and balance the subtle energies.

Who Can Get Ear Candling?

Ear candling is gentle, non-invasive and painless. It is good for children as young as 5 years old and adults of all ages, including the elderly. And it is perfectly safe during pregnancy. It is advisable to avoid ear candling if you are suffering from an ear infection or inflammation, have grommets implanted in the ear drum, have artificial ear drums, have had ear, sinus, nose or throat surgery during the past 12 months, or a perforated ear drum within the past two years, as it can be quite uncomfortable.

The clinic only uses high quality, locally hand made candles, which are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration. These are made from double filtered 100% natural beeswax and 100% natural cotton cloth. So this is not for you if you are allergic to beeswax or cotton.

How Do Ear Candles Work?

One end of the hollow candle is carefully placed in the external ear canal, and the other end is lit to cause soft warm smoke and heated air to flow out through the top of the candle(a bit like a chimney). This warms the ear and the relative vacuum-like effect caused by the smoke flow and the seal between the ear and candle, may help in drawing any particles, liquid or heat softened wax out of the ear canal and into the candle. The movement of air being drawn up the candle by the flickering flame also creates a healing air vibration in the ear. If you are interested, the candle can be opened up for the contents to be examined at the end of the session.

What To Expect During A Treatment?

A relaxed atmosphere is created in which you are made comfortable lying on one side, on the massage table, with your head on a pillow.  The therapist will gently place a lit candle vertically into your outer ear passage where a seal is formed, and hold the candle in place throughout the treatment.

The pleasant sound of the hissing and crackling flame will be heard, as well as the sensation of the gentle smoky warmth passing through the ear canal.

The candle may be trimmed a couple of times during the session to cut the ash off the tip, and then it will be removed when the candle has burnt down to the indicated level, around 6cm from the ear. After the candle is removed and extinguished in water, the outer ear is cleaned of any debris that may have been drawn out.

This procedure is then repeated in the other ear to balance out the pressure.  Both ears should be ear candled. Some therapists may incorporate a gentle face massage or acupressure to enhance the ear candling experience.

After Ear Candling

After the treatment you can feel grounded, uplifted, calm and very relaxed. You may find over the next couple of days, a small amount of powdered matter still coming out of your ears, as impurities continue to work their way out of the ear canal.  If that happens, just wipe the outer opening of the ears carefully with the tip of a cotton bud, ensuring no more than the tip is inserted into the ear.  A soothing blend of lavender and carrier oil can be used to wipe around in the ears for the next few days.

It may take a few days for the full benefit of the ear candling to be felt. 

Disclaimer: Ear candles are not a medical device. In no way should ear candles or ear candling be used to replace qualified medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, or medically prescribed medication.

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