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Relax – Let Go – Rejuvenate – Refresh – Revitalise – Enhance Wellbeing

Ear candling is a natural therapy which is used to bring balance and promote wellness. When a person is under stress, the flow of life energy is slowed or blocked, and eventually there can be discomforts. Ear candling is a painless, harmless and totally relaxing experience to relieve anxiety and stress.

Your practitioner will check if ear candling is the most appropriate treatment for your situation.

The ear candles used at Bing’s Natural Health are carefully made by hand using all natural unbleached cotton cloth and totally natural beeswax.

In a treatment session you are asked to lie comfortably and listen to calming music. All you have to do is just relax and enjoy your session time in the pleasant atmosphere of the clinic. The hollow ear candle is placed gently on the ear, lit at the top, and held upright by your practitioner. This is a natural and non-invasive procedure. You may hear a soft crackling sound which can be very nurturing.

Ear candling may be beneficial to soothe some conditions. Treatments will generally last for up to 45 minutes and can be used for children as young as 5.

After an ear candling session you should feel the ear candling benefits of being extremely relaxed and grounded, with a calm and clear mind.

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